What are the benefits of the PRIME UNI Package?

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The benefits of the PRIME UNI package are:

  1. Get everything you need in one place for your German student visa appointment
  2. Peace of mind knowing that your blocked account, health, and travel insurance are all approved by the German embassy. No surprises on the day of your appointment!
  3. Save 40 euros on your blocked account bringing your one-time fee from 99 to 59 euros!
  4. Choose from some of the top health insurance providers in Germany.
  5. FREE incoming travel insurance (mandatory for your student visa).
  6. Join the Coracle family, we are here for you and we care about supporting you on this Journey!
At Coracle, many of our staff members were once international students just like you, we know what you're going through and MOST likely speak your language!

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