When do I have to start paying for my public health insurance?

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Simply put, health insurance premiums start at the start of the school year.

For example, if your semester starts on October 1st and you arrive in Germany on October 10th, you will be charged from the beginning of the semester on October 1st.

Exception: If you enroll at a university after the start of the semester and your Certificate of Enrollment stipulates a clear enrollment date, your insurance company will start billing from that date. For example, your semester is on October 1st, but you arrive in Germany on November 1st and register on November 1st. This must be requested through Coracle and submitted with evidence. Please send an email to support@coracl.de.

During Covid, there were some scenarios in which students could not travel to Germany due to travel restrictions, and enrolled in their Universities while still in their home countries, beginning their studies via online courses. Students then could travel to Germany a few months later and begin paying their health insurance from the date of entry into the country. Students had to show proof that there was no way to travel to Germany at the start of the semester. As there are no current travel restrictions for students coming to Germany, this exception is no longer relevant or valid.

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