Why do I need incoming travel insurance?

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In Germany, it is mandatory to possess health insurance at all times during your stay, independent of your status. This means the health insurance mandate is valid for German citizens, permanent residents, tourists, students, etc.

Even though a student is enrolled in public or private health insurance, this insurance activates only at the semester start and students tend to arrive in Germany a few days or weeks before their semester start. They utilize this time to get settled, move into their new apartment, and have a general understanding of their new surroundings. The time spanning from traveling to Germany, and your university semester start, needs to be covered by incoming travel insurance. Public health insurance kicks in at the start of your semester.

When registering for incoming travel insurance, it is important to know if your provider offered sufficient protection as defined by the countries in the Schengen area, which applies to any traveler coming to any Schengen country for a short-term visit. One of the key requirements is that it should cover at least 30 thousand euros of emergency medical expenses and last a max of 180 days.

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