Why should I apply for a Blocked account with Coracle?

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At Coracle, we offer a blocked account at the lowest cost with the best customer service. A couple of our major highlights are same-day confirmation and no monthly charges to maintain your account open.

Highlights of our Blocked Account

  1. Best price. Just 99 Euros for 12 months. In our PRIME package, you even save 40 Euros additionally. More about the PRIME package here.
  2. No monthly charges. Other providers charge an average of 5 Euros/month.
  3. Our blocked account is accepted by ALL the German Embassies and Consulates around the world.
  4. We open your blocked account within a few hours (maximum 24 hours).
  5. All your documents are accessible in your highly secure personal portal 24/7
  6. You can use our domestic money transfer option to transfer funds in your local currency via online banking. No need to worry about all the nitty-gritty of international money transfers.
The cherry on top: All our customers enjoy our super speedy, friendly support. Thousands of students around the world trust us every year.

Click here to apply for your blocked account with Coracle.

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